At Judith Kaye Training and Consulting, we believe that the capacity for prejudice and stereotyping may be “human nature,” but it can be managed and overcome. This is best achieved by fostering an ongoing commitment to growth and change, and by providing inclusive nonjudgmental processes for reflection and learning.

Diversity isn’t a “one-shot deal.” In an ever-more-diverse and complex world, we all need regular “diversity tune-ups,” just as we need to regularly maintain our cars, our computers, our bodies, our minds.

There isn’t one recipe for how to treat different kinds of people, and there’s no one formula for how JKTC approaches a consulting job. Rather with each engagement, first we identify the unique human factors that might impede your organization’s goal progress, and only then do we design a custom program to foster employee relationships that work.

Meaningful. Satisfying. Effective. Eye-opening.
Diversity training at its best.