Don't just take our word how great a job we do, read for yourself what our past clients have to say!
Of course additional references are available as required.

“We engaged Judy to moderate “The Oleanna Talk-Back Series" on Broadway, which featured expert panelists and distinguished guests such as former NYC Mayor David Dinkins, Montel Williams, and actress Tova Feldshuh.

“Judy was able to establish immediate rapport with the audience and guest experts, asked cogent questions and kept the program moving at a lively pace.  She inspired eager audience participation and provided ample space for divergent opinions.

"Participants reported that the talk-backs Judy moderated greatly enhanced the experience of the play. We were delighted with Judy's performance and would not hesitate to work with her again.”
- Broadway Producer

"Firefighters are not the easiest people to deal with. You quickly recognized this and got through to them on a level that they could easily understand. Your class will leave a lasting impact on this organization for years to come."

"The training you provided opened the eyes of many of my employees...[Your] professionalism and teaching techniques inspired questions and encouraged participation that I have not seen in years."
- Chief Sullivan- Municipal Fire Dept, MA

"I am more than happy to recommend Judith Kaye.

"I contract with Judith Kaye to provide cultural competence training for our home and community-based providers. I can attest to her deep knowledge and ongoing study of cultural issues as well as her outstanding training strategies.

"In preparation for our training, Judith met with our small training team (which included parents who have participated in Early Intervention with their own children) to learn about our service model and the work culture of EI. In that way she showed an uncanny ability to individualize the training content for us. In addition, Judith Kaye is a highly engaging trainer. Her sessions get the highest reviews on our evaluations." - Maureen W., Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Disabilities Center

"Ms. Kaye is highly well informed about the complexities and subtleties involved in managing ideological, value, ethnic, racial, cultural, class, gender, sexual orientation and other human differences. She brings a valuable skill set to the work, including an ability to listen carefully, ask useful questions, clarify requests for help, and engage consumers in learning exercises that produce deeper self awareness and empathy for others.

"She has a lively, engaging style; is always extremely well prepared, articulate and focused; structures experiential exercises that produce precious “aha!” moments in her trainees; manages reluctant attendees with disarming graciousness; and responds to hostile comments with sincere compassion that defuses anger."
- Deborah S., Ph.D., Social Work Professor